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TripKey the Netherlands | Rotterdam

your contactless public transport card

TripKey is a ready to use contactless public transport card that provides seamless access to all public transport. Just collect your card and start traveling! Trains, buses, trams and even OV-bikes; they are all connected to TripKey.

The Dutch public transport system is one of the best in the world. For tourists, however, it is difficult to access. TripKey promises tourist to the Netherlands a new experience: Travel anywhere, access anything.

Nationwide access
With this card you can use all public transport and reach every destination in the Netherlands. From Amsterdam to Rotterdam, from tulips to windmills, from congres center to restaurant, from culture to nightlife without any hassle.

Order your personal TripKey online, pick it up at the airport or your hotel and start travelling.

How it works
1. Order your TripKey online or at a pick-up point of your choice
2. We deliver your card to a pick-up point of your choice: our desk at Schiphol, your hotel,your B&B or Rotterdamexperience
3. We connect your TripKey to your credit card (or other payment possibilities in the future)
4. Your TripKey is ready to use, just check in and check out as all Dutch travellers do. Instructions for use are of course provided

TripKey strives to provide you with the best pay-per-use deal:
€ 3,50 one time registration fee
You only pay the public transport fare you used
You receive a detailed invoice of your journey

* Tripkey is a shared, re-useable card: just be sure to drop off your card after your stay in the Netherlands, and avoid paying the deposit of € 15.

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Ready to order TripKey?

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For more information about TripKey:
Call: T + 31 889 343 443
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