About us

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Working with local experts for the best experiences

We combine our passion, ambition and talent in Rotterdamexperience. We live and hold office in Rotterdam and are aware of all new developments in the field of hospitality. As a result we can offer you the most unique places, special tours, fun and interesting activities, workshops, parties and best choice of hotels and restaurants.

The small, but dedicated team of Rotterdamexperience, designs tailor made travel experiences based on your (clients) interests, tastes and budget.

Our passion. Your experience.

Why working with a local expert like Rotterdamexperience:

* We love our city, our country and our job
* Tailor made incentives, trips, tours and activities, designed by local experts
* One contact person for easy and fast communication
* Knowledge and experience in the travel and event industry
* Competitive rates and good service
* 24/7 emergency support while in the Netherlands
* Multilingual staff: Dutch, English, Portuguese, Spanish and a bit German

Sustainability and Rotterdamexperience

Rotterdamexperience is aware of the changes needed to preserve our planet. We strongly believe that all of us need to contribute. Therefor we are participating in various projects to work towards a more sustainable form of tourism and organisation of activities.

For various clients we already organise sustainable tours and activities. If you would like to organise sustainable tours or activities in Rotterdam or surroundings, please feel free to ask for the possibilities!

Together with GO-Experience and Global Hart Experience, we also try to adapt the principles from the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to the reality of tourism. By creating awareness, participate in sustainable projects, support local producers and suppliers, respect the environment and offering our guests more sustainable ways to travel and special tours about sustainability and participating.

Work with Rotterdamexperience

We love to talk about all the possibilities our city, surroundings and country can offer. We will always be 100% committed to organizing the best possible experiences. For you or your clients.

E-mail: info@rotterdamexperience.com
Phone / WhatsApp: +31(0)6 498 69 004

See you soon in Rotterdam! | Tot ziens in Rotterdam!