Terms and Conditions


Below you’ll find our Terms and Conditions for Groups. Rotterdam experience will always do her utmost best to organize and execute the best Travel Program according the agreement and the wishes of her clients.


All published rates are in net EUROS. Rates are non commissionable and based on tariffs. Rates and taxes are currently in force and subject to availability.


Rotterdamexperience will only accept booking and enquiries in writing.


1. Booking requests shall be made by sending a complete request (in English) with full details of the Client by e-mail to info@rottedamexperience.com.
2. All bookings must be confirmed in writing within Rotterdamexperience office hours (from Monday till Friday 09:00-17:00hrs)
3. All reservations are subject to availability. Rotterdamexperience is obliged to send a confirmation or refusal according to the Client within 48 hours (during working days) of a previewed booking.
4. Rotterdamexperience reserves the right to cancel the booking despite a written confirmation within 48 hours without given a reason.
5. Rotterdamexperience regrets that if the payment is not received on time as per article 8 may cancel the booking.
6. Rotterdamexperience reserves the right to alter the travel services which does not effect the standard and occupation. Rotterdamexperience will notify by email and obtain binding acceptance of this change the Client about the changes before selling the travel services.
7. Options will expire automatically on the release dates.
8. A final rooming list is due 14 days prior to arrival in the Netherlands. From 14 days up to 7
days a deviation of 5% of the total rooming requirement is allowed. A deviation of within 7 days before arrival is subject to 100% cancellations costs.
9. We will do our best to meet your request for alterations to the booking which you have
confirmed. However if this would involve major alterations to the confirmed arrangements, such as change in arrival, departure or accommodation, we may be liable to pay cancellation charges on your behalf. Therefore we reserve the right to treat the original booking as cancelled by you and it will be subject to the cancellation charges as shown below.
10. If any cancellation reduces the size of the group, the rates will be adjusted to reflect the new group size.


All our quotations and contracts are due to Dutch law. Disputes must be brought forward to the Dutch court in Rotterdam. Rotterdamexperience acts solely on behalf of passengers in the capacity of an agent, therefore Rotterdamexperience takes no responsibility for obvious mistakes or faults of third parties involved. Our liability will be limited to 100% of reservation value.

3.1: Liability of the Client
1 Each traveler of the Client is liable for the damages incurred by the tour operator and / or mediator, their staff or their representatives by his mistake, and when he had agreed obligations are not met. The error is evaluated according to the normal behavior of a traveler.
2 Each traveler of the Client is aware of the fact that participation in activities of local agents, for him / her and for third parties, and for his / her goods and / or goods from third party, risks damage injury, damage and consequential damages including entails understood – These risks are explicitly for their own account.
3 Each traveler of the Client is responsible for taking out all necessary insurances like travel-, accident-, luggage- and cancellation insurance. By not taking out all necessary insurances are all possible damages, costs and losts borne by the traveler. Rotterdamexperience is not liable for damages, costs and losts incurred by the passenger during the booked trip. Not taking out travel-, accident-, luggage- and cancellation insurance by the traveler’s own risk.
4. The Client is called upon to take out specific necessary insurance in the event of the presence of heavy equipment or valuables to the extent that Rotterdamexperience cannot be held liable for deterioration or theft of the said goods. The Client shall be liable for all damage caused by its intermediary (in particular by participants or their guests) and undertakes, in the event of the deterioration of the premises or transport placed at its disposal, to bear the costs of restoring the said premises/transport to good condition. Under no circumstances may Rotterdamexperience be held liable for damage of any kind, in particular fire or theft, affecting the objects or equipment brought by the Client or users during the performance hereof.
4. The Client shall be liable for claims, costs, expenses, injuries, material damage and financial losses incurred by Rotterdamexperience, the Client or third parties resulting from the inability of the Client to meet its obligations under this contract or caused by a wrongful act or omission on the part of the Client, its affiliated companies or end customers. As used here, the Client affiliated companies shall include, among others, its executive officers, employees, directors and consultants.

3.2: Liability of Rotterdamexperience
1 Rotterdamexperience is responsible for the proper execution of the Travel Program in accordance with the expectations that may have on the basis of the provisions of the Travel Program to Rotterdamexperience reasonably, and for the contract obligations regardless of whether such obligations are to be performed by himself or by other service providers, without prejudice to the right of the organizer to hold the other service providers.
2 The travel organizer for the acts and omissions of his agents and representatives acting in the exercise of their function as much as for his own acts and omissions.
3 If an international treaty applies to a service included in the travel contract shall be excluded if appropriate, the liability of the tour operator under that treaty or restricted.
4 As far as the tour operator does not itself perform the services provided in the travel program, its liability for material damage and compensation for the loss of travel enjoyment together once limited to the unanticipated service (s).
5 The tour operator is not liable if and insofar as a traveler of the Client has been harm, and / or could, stories by insurance, such as travel and / or cancellation, as well as the damage falls within the normal risks of the activity.
6 When Rotterdamexperience is liable for loss of enjoyment of the traveler, the fee at any time maximum up to the height of once the fare.
7 Notwithstanding the preceding paragraphs of this article is the liability of the tour operator at all times be limited to a maximum of once the fare.
8. Rotterdamexperience shall be liable for claims, costs, expenses, injuries, material damage and financial losses incurred by the Client resulting from failure by Rotterdamexperience to fulfil any of its obligations under this contract.


In case of any complaints concerning the travel arrangements made through Rotterdamexperience, passengers are requested to contact either their agent or Rotterdamexperience immediately. Rotterdamexperience will do it’s utmost to solve the problem in an acceptable way. In case the complaint is not solved in a satisfying and acceptable way, Rotterdamexperience will need a written letter of complaints within 2 weeks after departure. Complaints of clients who have not communicated to us their problem during their stay and letters of complaints which are not received on time, will not be dealt with.


Disputes and claims cannot be taken into consideration unless they are made in writing and sent by recorded delivery letter with acknowledgement of receipt to Rotterdamexperience within one week from the end of the event or the invoice date if the claim relates to an invoice. If this deadline is not adhered to, Rotterdamexperience will not consider any claims.


1 The price stated in the contract is fixed and all required services are included, subject to an obvious clerical error.
2 The alleged price in the contract may be up to 1 month before departure to be revised up or down, to the extent that the revision is the result of a change in: a) the exchange rates applied to the journey and / or b) transportation costs, including fuel costs, and / or c) the charges for certain services and taxes. If the increase exceeds 10% of the total price, the traveler may cancel the contract without compensation. In that case the traveler is entitled to reimbursement of all the amounts he has paid to the tour operator.
3 Individual extra’s, like minibar, additional drinks or other services, must be settled by the participants prior to the group’s departure on site.


1. Rotterdamexperience must receive 50% of all payment within seven (7) days after the Travel Contract is confirmed and signed by you. The 50% balance amount is required on our bank account in EURO’s at least 1 month before the arrival date, via bank-swift only.
2. To book Last Minute tours or travel programs the Client shall pay the whole amount at least 3 days before the beginning of the tour/program. The Client shall send a proof of payment by email to Rotterdamexperience to confirm this booking.
3. In case Rotterdamexperience is not getting the agreed amount from the Client, the Client lose the right to use the travel services.
4. The Client is obliged to pay a fine of 0,2% of the total agreed amount per day for the delay in payment. Rotterdamexperience reserves the right to cancel the bookings for any subsequent successive group travel. In addition, a lump sum penalty of €100 excluding VAT per amount receivable shall be payable from the day after the invoice due date to which shall be added an additional penalty covering all the costs incurred for legal process. It must be duly noted that any payment made more than 60 days after the date of issue of the invoice is considered a legal offence punishable by law.
5. If Rotterdamexperience is placed in the position where they are forced to take legal action to recover outstanding amounts, the incasso or juridical legal costs and lost interest will be added in full to the amount owed by the Client.
6. Rotterdamexperience reserves the right to cancel all arrangements and bookings without prior notice in case of non-compliance with the above mentioned terms. In this case cancellation terms in this contract will also apply.


Cancellations must be in writing and will come into force on the day it is received by us. During office hours only from 09:00 till 17:00hrs. Rotterdamexperience will reconfirm the cancellation. You must always request Rotterdamexperience to reconfirm the cancellations as evidence that the cancellation has in fact been effected.

If cancellation takes place:
• > 90 days prior to the traveller(s) arrival day, no penalty
• Between 89 and 45 days prior to the traveller(s) arrival day, the client is liable to pay 30% of reservation value
• Between 44 – 28 days prior to the traveller(s) arrival day, the client is liable to pay 50% of reservation value
• 27 Days or less prior to the traveller(s) arrival day, the client is liable to pay 100% of reservation value

Late payment of contractual down payments (other than the first down payment) shall also equate to total cancellation. If the payment deadlines are not met, Rotterdamexperience shall be entitled to demand from the Client the immediate payment of the group balance. The Client’s payment must reach Rotterdamexperience within 3 days from the date of Rotterdamexperience’s written request. Should payment not be made within this period, the group booking shall be considered cancelled by the Client.

2. No-shows
In the event that the entire group or one or more members of a group or individual traveller fails to arrive, or in the event of the interruption of the stay, the Client shall pay Rotterdamexperience compensation equal to 100% of the amount, inclusive of all taxes and services for the totality of the stay at the rate indicated in the invoice. No claim may be made by the Client following a no-show.

3. Partial Cancellation
Partial cancellation of a group shall correspond to a reduction in the amount of the quote regardless of the origin: reduction in the length of the group’s stay, reduction in the number of rooms and/or people and/or associated services ordered.

In the event of the partial cancellation of the contract by the Client, a cancellation fee shall be invoiced and calculated in the following way:

If the cancellation request is received by Rotterdamexperience:

• >90 Days before arrival, 100% (%of the number that can be cancelled), no penalty.
• 89-45 Days before arrival, 50% (%of the number that can be cancelled), no penalty. Rotterdamexperience reserves the right to cancel the group.
• 44-28 Days before arrival, 50% (%of the number that can be cancelled), no penalty. Rotterdamexperience reserves the right to cancel the group. Beyond this 50%, the cancellation fees are 50% of the total initial quote. Beyond this, the cancellation fees are 100% of the total initial quote and Rotterdamexperience reserves the right to cancel the group.
• 6 Days or less before arrival, no free cancellations, any cancellation is chargeable.

If following a partial cancellation the number of guests falls below a certain number, Rotterdamexperience reserves the right to apply other rates, due to other rates of suppliers of Rotterdamexperience.

4 Late arrival
In the event of late arrival, after the restaurant has closed, meals not served shall be invoiced. It is duly specified that cancellations made less than 12 hours prior to arrival for the Dinner shall be invoiced at 100%.

5 Booking Costs
When the Client decides not to book the Travel Program made for the Client by Rotterdamexperience or decides to make a total cancellation, the Client will be charged an additional fee of minimum € 250 by Rotterdamexperience for all booking- and administrative costs.


You have to issue your own vouchers which will state: “ Booking and payment through Rotterdamexperience”. Vouchers are honored by the understanding that each voucher states the correct information, concerning the booking details confirmed by Rotterdamexperience. You can only issue vouchers to clients for bookings which are reconfirmed by Rotterdamexperience, therefore we are not responsible for any errors or mistakes made on your behalf.


If Rotterdamexperience is placed in the position where we are forced to take legal action to recover outstanding amounts, the incasso or juridical legal costs and lost interest will be added in full to the amount owed by the client.

Rotterdamexperience reserves the right to cancel all arrangements and bookings without prior notice in case of non-compliance with the above mentioned conditions.


The Client undertake not to invite in any person whose behaviour may be prejudicial to the parts of the travel program. Rotterdamexperience reserves the right to intervene if necessary. The Client undertakes to ensure that participants and their guests comply with all the rules and regulations of Rotterdamexperience, her partners and the Dutch law. The Client shall ensure that participants do not disturb the operation or undermine the security. The Client undertakes to remind participants of the above provisions and to take responsibility for ensuring they comply with them.

For the safety and travel mood of the other passengers Rotterdamexperience has the right to remove a traveler from the travel program if he/she is severely misbehaving. This person has no right to refund. All additional costs will have to be paid by the traveler on site.


1. The client shall pay the expenses incurred when the Client asks for the personal accompaniment of a tour conductor for such purposes as guiding shopping, etc., costs arising from client injury or illness, the return of lost baggage or articles left behind owing to personal negligence, as well as changes incurred by independent activity.
2. The client shall accept all responsibility for decisions regarding individual purchases at souvenir shops even when the shops are introduced by Rotterdamexperience or its partners.
3. Other matters are subject to the Travel Contract, including related tour documents presented separately.
4. In case of disputes between the client and Rotterdamexperience, these will be taken to the Dutch court only.