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Destination Europe

Rotterdamexperience is specialized in tours and packages for groups to the Netherlands but we also organise tours and round trips to other interesting locations, cities or attractions in Europe. Destination Europe can be Belgium (Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent or Brussels), Germany (Berlin, Dusseldorf, Cologne), France (Paris, champagne region, Cote d’Azur), UK (London), Spain (Barcelona, Malaga, Madrid, Sevilla and Valencia) or other countries. Depending on the wishes of the clients.

tours, travel packages and round trips Europe

These tours or round trips can include accommodation, (food, architecture, highlights, history…) tours with local guides, activities, workshops, tastings, entrance fees to attractions and museums, food and drinks, meeting- and party locations, transfers, transport (bike, boat, segway, coach, tuk tuk) and much more. We can combine several countries in one round trip depending on interests, budget, time and availability. We would love to help organizing the best experience possible for your group. All can be customized on request.

Guarantee for a great tour or round trip!

So, if you need something special to add to your itinerary or if you are looking for the best deal, please feel free to contact us! We offer excellent tours and round trips for groups in addition to possessing the right tools to make your customer’s wishes a reality. Because of our large network of partners we offer very competitive rates.

tours, travel packages and round trips Europe

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