5 Must see places

5 Must see places in the Netherlands Rotterdam Kinderdijk Rotterdamexperience

5 Must See Places

5 Places you must see in the Netherlands

The favorite spots in the Netherlands according foreign tourists

1. UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk

In no list Kinderdijk is missing. The village with the windmills in South Holland. And although there are quite a lot of windmills in the Netherlands, nowhere you will find so much together as in Kinderdijk. For foreign tourists the Netherlands are famous for three things: tulips, clogs and windmills. Visiting Kinderdijk to see the windmills is the “golden tip” for tourists.

If you’re visiting Kinderdijk in winter, bring your ice skates and join the skaters on the frozen canals.
– expatica.com

5 Must see places in the Netherlands Rotterdam Rotterdamexperience

2. Rotterdam

According the Lonely Planet Rotterdam is one of the nicest cities in the world. Rotterdam is an example of architecture. Places like the Erasmus Bridge, Kunsthal and Markthal are well known and referred as must sees.

Rotterdam is a cool, contemporary city with so much to do
– emilyluxton.co.uk

5 Must see places in the Netherlands Rotterdam Haarlem Rotterdamexperience

3. Haarlem

Also a place that you’ll find on almost every list is Haarlem. This North Holland town is gorgeous: a beautiful Old Town, historic buildings and a cozy market. In particular, the history of the city of Haarlem and the easy access from Amsterdam are the main reasons for foreign tourists to go there.

Visitors enjoy shopping and perusing the stunning architecture and museums along the Grote Markt city center.
– touropia.com

5 Must see places in the Netherlands Rotterdam Dom Utrecht Rotterdamexperience

4. Utrecht

Foreign travel bloggers are big fans of Utrecht, which is of course completely justified. It is a beautiful city to see, lively and cozy. The ‘Hotspot’ of Utrecht is of course the cathedral ‘Dom’, which has been climbed by many tourists.

The Netherlands’ fourth largest city, Utrecht is incredibly ancient; in fact, it was founded as a Roman fortress almost 2000 years ago!
– go-today.com

5 Must see places in the Netherlands Maastricht Rotterdam Rotterdamexperience

5. Maastricht

The list is completed by Maastricht. As downside is mentioned that it is far from Amsterdam, but Maastricht is a place that you must see when you’re in the Netherlands. Things are different below the rivers according Lonely Planet and that is true. The atmosphere here is relaxed, the city breaths calmness and the sun shines more often than in the rest of the country.

Maastricht is an easily walkable city – so put down that guidebook and just wander through the neighborhoods.
– raileurope.com

Source: travelvalley.nl
Photos by: VVV Maastricht, Rotterdam Partners, Domtoren.nl, Haarlem Marketing, VVV Alblasserdam, Ossip van Duivenbode

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