Criss-crossing Puzzle Tour Rotterdam

What’s the best way to discover a city? By moving right through!

For this Criss-crossing Puzzle Tour Rotterdam, you will receive a OV-chipcard (for public transport), a ticket for the water taxi, a city map, a camera and a whole bunch of questions.

Explore the city behind and and find the answers to all the facts by traveling by tram, metro, taxi or on foot to all the hidden places. This puzzle tour also includes a few special assignments of which we want pictures! Which team will do this best?

Prices: From € 38,50 p.p. VAT. Upon request, depending on group size.

The times and the contents of the arrangement can be altered. Please inquire about the possibilities.
This fun way to discover Rotterdam is great for groups like friends, family or as a teambuilding activity.

Interested in a Criss-crossing Puzzle Tour Rotterdam?

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