Historical Delft and Delfshaven Tour

This 4 hours Delft and Delfshaven Tour takes you along one of the oldest parts of Rotterdam and the city famous for it’s Delfts Blue Pottery

Delfshaven (Delfs Harbour)
Delfshavense Schie was dug in 1389 to give a compound of the Meuse the city of Delft. Delfshaven was the seaport of Delft. Delfshaven became independent in 1795. In 1886, annexed by Rotterdam.

During the walk you will discover the picturesque Delfshaven. We walk along the Zakkendragershuisje, the only city brewery in Rotterdam, old warehouses and the flower mill, the Pilgrim Church (from where the Pilgrim Fathers left for America) and statue of Lieutenant Admiral Piet Heyn. You will experience a beautiful historic area in the west of Rotterdam with more than 600 years of history.

In 20 minutes we drive to Delft by bus. The city with the Old and New Church where William of Orange is buried, city of Delfts Blue Pottery, city of historic canals, the Princes Garden and an old pancake house.

In addition to the tour we can make a stop in Delfshaven or Delft to eat a real Dutch pancake or coffee with apple pie.
See, feel, experience and taste Rotterdam and surrounding.

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