The best view of Rotterdam

Euromast Rotterdam was built in honor of the first World Flower exhibition the Floriade, by architect H.A. Maaskant and contractor J.P. van Eesteren. Queen Beatrix led the festive opening ceremony. The 100 high mast (imitating the mast of a ship) was the first Dutch attraction at great height.

The name ‘Euromast’
‘Euro’ because Rotterdam is at the heart of the Euro trading union and ‘mast’ because this Dutch word also known by for instance Englishmen, Frenchmen and Japanese visitors.

Abseiling and the zip wire of the Euromast
In addition to viewing the city from 185 meters high, it is also possible to explore your boundaries. Are you looking for a thrilling event? In Rotterdam we have the heighest abseil and fastest zip wire in Europe! Abseiling is possible every weekend from May to September, except every last sunday of the month; then you are welcome at the zip wire.

Some facts
– Height: 185 meters
– In clear weather you can see up to 30 kilometers in distance
– The tower made of reinforced concrete is 9m in diameter
– The mast sways up to 1 meter in wind-force 11
– The crow’s nest is a steel construction weighing 240.000 kilos
– The crow’s nest situated at 100 meters height includes the restaurant, kitchen and 2 suites

Segway tours
In the sixties the Euromast reached 112 meters rising tall above the city’s skyline. However, other buildings quickly caught up in the following years.

In 1970 a separate tower, the Euroscoop, was placed on top extending the mast to 185 meters, making it once again Rotterdam’s highest building up until today.

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